Upstream Launches Soulbound (non-transferrable NFTs) to tie experiences to NFTs

Why Soulbound NFTs fit in to the next wave of NFTs?

IFBB professional Men’s Physique athlete Cam Harris Launches First NFT on Upstream

How to purchase Cam’s NFTs on Upstream

  1. DOWNLOAD UPSTREAM and tap Sign Up.
  2. FUND YOUR ACCOUNT. For Credit, Debit, or PayPal Tap Investor>Fund my Account>Tap desired funding method.
  3. PURCHASE NFT. Open your camera and scan the QR code on Cam’s Collection page to be taken directly to the NFT or Open Upstream>Tap Market>Tap NFT in top navigation bar>Tap CAMTBS NFT>Enter Bid Amount>Tap Buy Now
  4. HOLD OR TRADE NFT. Buyers will receive a push notification and find their NFT in their Upstream portfolio.

Words from Cam Harris:

Concluding Thoughts



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