Upstream Introduces New Share-to-Receive NFT Integration

Upstream introduces “NFT Social Mint,” bridging the social web and Web 3.0

How it Works

For Celebrities and Brands

  1. Decide which event, merch, or opportunity you want to promote.
  2. Share promotional material with fans and the opportunity to get a free NFT as a reward.
  3. Enjoy fan-driven engagement from the actual Twitter posts and the engagement from fans owning and trading the NFTs.

For Fans

  1. Before the big giveaway, fans download Upstream on their preferred App Store and tap Sign Up. Enter a password that will create your blockchain profile and ‘signing key’.
  2. At the time of the giveaway, promote the project or brand on Twitter along with the provided tags, campaign #, and your public Upstream wallet.
  3. That’s it! Winning fans will receive a push notification that their NFT claim was successful and find the NFT in their portfolio to collect or trade with other fans.

Why it’s Important

Other Unique NFT Integrations Upstream Facilitates

  • NFT ticketing
  • Proof of Attendance NFTs
  • Free NFT Airdrops
  • Membership NFTs
  • Profile Picture (PFP)NFTs
  • NFTS with utility functions such as pay-per-view NFTs, Rewards Card NFTs, Content Access NFTs, and more.

Concluding Thoughts

About Upstream

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