The importance of KYC technology for online sports betting companies

Data Source: American Gaming Association, 2020

What are sports betting companies responsible for regarding KYC?

  • Protect the company and users from bad actors and fraud
  • Ensure users are located where sports betting is lawful
  • Continuously comply with the latest global KYC/AML regulations
  • Deliver a seamless, trustworthy, and user-friendly experience

How technology can solve for this

A few KYCware highlights:

  • White-label onboarding and identity verification technology, ensuring an on-brand experience for users from the start
  • Advanced ID, document and identity verification technology includes antigaming features, MRZ scanner, and liveness detection
  • Auto-adjusting questions and forms depending on user entry and jurisdiction
  • Continual AML screening against a proprietary database of global sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and watchlists
  • All KYC/AML transactions are logged on an unalterable storage medium
  • Data is never saved to disk on our servers and never outsourced to third parties, period

Concluding thoughts



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